Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Road Trip to Remember

Who doesn't get super excited when your Hubby clubs his business trip with some leisure and tags you along with him? A couple of weekends back, Mr. Hubby had a conference in Mahabalipuram and we decided to drive down. What a bleisure trip it was!! Sharing some glimpses of the trip below:

Imagine road tripping along this scenic route:

We stayed in a beach resort. The room opened to the most breathtaking view ever I've seen from a room. The Bay of Bengal exuded calm with it's magnificence. 

It was a lovely bright morning as we took a stroll along the beach and collected sea shells. 

And played with water...

The beach resort had typical floating flower decorations at the entrance.

The visit to Pancha Ratha or the Chariot Temples built by the Pandavas was totally worth it. All the five chariots were carved out of a single rock by the Pallava Kings in 6th Century. 

Sometimes the shortest of the trips are the sweetest. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year's Trip to Coffee Estate, Somwarpet

A bunch of our friends and we decided to celebrate New Year 2016 Weekend amidst the very serene Coffee Plantations of Somwarpet, near Coorg.

Our stay was planned at The Pulper House located in privately owned Coffee Estates. As the name suggests, the Pulper House, has a coffee pulping unit, where fresh coffee cherries are pulped, the resulting beans are washed, fermented, dried and then roasted to produce a great variety of Coffee.
Whats special about the Coorg Coffee is that it is the only shade grown coffee in the world.

At the estate we were hosted by very hospitable bunch of caretakers who brewed coffee for us from time to time and made us delicious local dishes. To our surprise, the owner of the estate had made a rule that the guests would only be served coffee and no tea. We were happy in either case.

Situated in the middle of the rain forests, Somwarpet is nothing less than a philosopher's dreamland. A nature-lover, I took long walks around the pristine estate. When in confusion, I turn to mother nature to seek answers. Connecting with nature, helps me clear my mind. And with a place as breathtaking at this, I was completely smitten.


It turned out that in and around Coorg there are many privately owned coffee estates, pepper and cardamom plantations, which were originally English settlements.

On day one - our host took us to the estates that were owned by his friends. The lush estates, misty hills, orange grooves made for a breathtaking view along the way. We reached a hill top, as the Sun was just about to set.

On day 2, we visited Pushpagiri, which is 20 kms from Somwarpet. We trekked up small hills.
We plucked oranges from trees laden with the citrus fruit and came across the locals - plucking coffee cherries and pepper clusters.

New Year Week in Somwarpet had quite chilly nights. We had a bon-fire to keep us warm and cozy in the forest. We played word games, played music and had loads of fun. The most amazing part of the night was when I looked up at the night sky. The sight of the star-filled night sky melted me. I had a moment of pure bliss as I looked at the gazillion tiny twinkling stars of the Milky Way.

To sum it up, the trip to Somwarpet on the New Year's Weekend was a treat for the soul and rejuvenating for the senses.

2016 has 13 long weekends, hope to travel to some new place every long weekend and share my experiences.