Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey Guys

What's keeping you excited these days ?
Well, I had been longing to buy Madhubani Paintings for my home for a long time now.
And I found a few good ones at Chithra Santhe, an annual art fair held in Bangalore. The set of three paintings I got frame one wall of my living room completely with a traditional Rajasthani bench below.

I just love the vibrant colors used in Madhubani art form. The free hand drawings and natural dyes give these paintings a raw rural charm . You can read more about Madhubani paitings here.

Madhubani either depicts Hindu gods and goddesses or nature. I got paintings with peacocks, fishes, elephants, trees and the sun on them. These birds and animals are supposed to symbolize happiness, good luck, prosperity and fertility.

Here are few pictures from my home:

How do you like them? Do let me know.

With Love